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Sadie and Stella are Mad for Plaid!

Hugs, kisses and a big Thank you to the sweet Lindsay of Sadie + Stella for loving our Fall and Holiday 2012 Collection of Plaids!

So I thought today I would share with you all my (far in advance) Christmas list. It is titled “Devon Baer.” Pretty sure one of Santa’s elves is going to get it if I do not get at least one piece of her Fall/Winter collection. It should come as no surprise to you all that I am in love with every single one of Devon’s pieces. Devon loves her some color and she loves herself a tunic. Pretty much illustrates my entire fashion repertoire. I already have the St. Barts Tunic and I plan on making many more mine. All mine. That stylish and fabulously beautiful Devon Baer had to really slay me this season and make her collection all about jewel tones and plaid. Well Devon, my sweets, you have won this girl over for life. Let’s check out my Christmas list.

Plaid tunics galore. Tartan, jewel tone and buffalo checks oh my. Check the layering of jewelry as well.

Ok, so this Devon is not just a one trick pony, I have to tell you. Another thing on my list? This gorgeous duponi silk dress.

She also has all of your jewelry needs covered. I told you, girl doesn’t play.
Girlfriend is not just another pretty face. She is brilliant and stylish as well. Do you see why I am so smitten with this season’s collection? Santa, are you listening? I have been very good. And I am being proactive and making my list far in advance so you have time to check it 62 times if need be. Loves!

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